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James Tomasi Escapes Facial Pain

James Tomasi Escapes Facial Pain

Man cancels suicide plans after upper cervical chiropractic care

When James Tomasi canceled his suicide plans in 1997, he had no idea that his story would inspire thousands to reclaim their lives more than a decade later.

12 years ago Tomasi was losing a 12 year battle with a notoriously painful disease known as Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN). However, a chance radio broadcast heard by his wife exposed James to a health care procedure that brought him back from the brink of death on the very day he planned to end his life.

Today Tomasi lives to tell the story of his transformation, and travels across the United States and abroad as an advocate for chronic pain sufferers and upper cervical care.

Tomasi suffered with TN, better known as Suicide Disease, an incurable nerve condition of the face. So named because suicide is often the only means of providing lasting relief.

Years of powerful epileptic drugs and pain management clinics helped did not help, and natural treatments, like acupuncture and chiropractic brought only temporary relief. His last hope was a risky surgery that cost more than $40,000 and offered a limited chance of success.

After 12 years of suffering, the only option that made sense to James was suicide on a Tuesday afternoon in February 1997, while his wife and son were at a soccer game.

Not knowing of her husband’s intentions, Rhonda Tomasi scheduled James with a Tuesday morning visit to an an upper cervical chiropractor. James had no hope in this new treatment and was absolutely astounded when he went pain-free for a few moments after the procedure; astounded enough to postpone his suicide mission.

Within three days of the treatment, the pain was greatly reduced. By the third treatment 9 days later, James became pain free for 13 months. James has now successfully overcome TN for over 9 years.

As a retired businessman and pastor, James Tomasi travels the country to make people aware of the methods of the upper cervical doctors, completing hundreds of public service lectures in churches, colleges, civic clubs, and clinics, as well as television and radio appearances.

He and Rhonda have written an inspirational book, “What TIME, Tuesday?” which chronicles his recovery from TN, and tells other stories of healing through upper cervical care.

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