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Migraine pain gone with upper cervical chiropractic

Migraines would make my life miserable and they would hit without any warning.

Every little sound seemed to be amplified to a very intense level. Even the sound of the refrigerator would sound like I was sitting in traffic with a semi sitting beside me.

I just wished it would go away but couldn’t get rid of it. The only place I could find any relief was in the dark bathroom that had no windows and curl up in a ball on the floor to block out any noise.

Since I had heard a number of people talk about how the medication prescribed for migraines knocked them out for at least a day, I wanted a different route that would help me keep my active lifestyle without giving up a day every time I came down with a migraine.

So my husband, Dr. Oliver, who was in school at the time, introduced me to upper cervical adjusting. The technique was so gentle and I received instant relief within minutes of getting adjusted.

I have been migraine free since my first adjustment over 5 years ago and know that it is only because I get checked and adjusted as needed at his office in Grandview Heights near Columbus. This helps my body maintain its full ability of being able to communicate with itself and not send out distress signals, migraines, telling me something is wrong.

— Ashley Oliver

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Precision Chiropractic, LLC - 1550 Old Henderson Rd, Suite 160, Columbus, OH 43220