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Why aren’t there more upper cervical chiropractors in Columbus, OH?

Why are there so few upper cervical chiropractors in Columbus, Oh? Many upper cervical chiropractic patients have powerful healing stories. In some cases, these patients have such a profound transformation that they cannot understand why they didn’t hear about upper cervical chiropractic care sooner. They want to know: where did all the upper cervical chiropractors go?

While there are many reasons why the upper cervical chiropractic care is hidden out in the open, perhaps the biggest reason is that there are too few upper cervical chiropractors to really influence public awareness. Patients have to try ten things before trying upper cervical care because, until very recently, the information about this unique form of chiropractic has been very limited.

Let’s see why.

Reason #1: Not enough chiropractors in general.

Chiropractic care may the the #1 form of “alternative health care,” but on the whole, chiropractic care is often misunderstood and under-utilized by those who would most likely benefit from it. This means that we have fewer chiropractors than our society needs. According to most estimates there are 60,000 or less practicing chiropractors in the United States, compared to over 950,000 medical doctors, about 350,000 of which are primary care physicians.

Of those 60,000 or fewer chiropractors, less than 2,000 use a specific protocol for adjusting the upper cervical spine on a regular basis.

There fewer chiropractors we have, the fewer upper cervical chiropractors.

Reason #2: Chiropractic education has a take-it-or-leave-it attitude about the upper cervical spine.

Not every chiropractic school teaches the importance of addressing the upper cervical spine with a specific protocol. Not every chiropractic student is exposed to the unique upper cervical perspective on caring for the spine. And of those schools that teach upper cervical care, it is taught as an extra elective in the curriculum—not as the foundation for spinal care.

With this take-it-or-leave it approach to upper cervical care, a lot of students just leave it.

Reason #3: Upper cervical care is difficult.

The honest truth is that upper cervical work requires discipline and education, and travel for more education. This can be a hurdle that stops some doctors (especially young doctors) from participating. In our culture where almost half of all adults are on a prescription drugs, chiropractors are already swimming against the health care current with their drug-free, surgery-free profession. By practicing upper cervical chiropractic care exclusively, chiropractors often have to swim against that current even harder.

Want to see more upper cervical chiropractors in practice?

If you’d like to see more practicing upper cervical doctors, consider giving to our research at the Upper Cervical Research Foundation, or tell your primary care physician about this wonderful and gentle form of spinal care.

Read the full article from an upper cervical chiropractor in Auburn Hills, Michigan.

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