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Learn what people in Columbus love about our structural chiropractic care

Natural Health Care

Our goal is natural body pain relief and better health without the use of drugs or surgery

Gentle Corrections

Our approach is gentle, without methods that include popping, twisting, or cracking

Quality over Quantity

Focusing on structural changes of the spine for a better quality of life

My family is a chiropractic miracle

A daughter with eczema, a wife with migraines, and more - learn Dr. Oliver's personal healing story...

What is structural chiropractic care?

What is the difference between a majority of chiropractic practices and our Columbus practice's unique approach? The details that make patients happy...

Precision Chiropractic

Our Patient Success Stories

Interested in working with us? Read some of our client testimonials below!

Leg Spasms Resolve – Helen, Columbus, OH

Retired Registered Nurse

I consulted Dr. Oliver for right neck pain and shoulder pain. After starting gentle atlas adjustments I now have increased mobility in my neck, especially to the left. My sleep is better and one of the most amazing changes I noticed was a decrease in leg spasms. I used to have spasms in both legs frequently for over 15 years and was worried as I got older that I would just have to suffer. The leg spasms have improved to a point of non-existing at this point after just 7 to 8 treatments!

Migraines – Ashley Age 21, Columbus, OH

I would suffer from migraines and would get them almost every day. I was prescribed Imitrex and Naproxen as needed. They sent me to a neurologist and he wanted me on Topamax and I didn’t like the thought of taking that but I took it the first day. After I took the medication I felt like a zombie and it made me feel nauseous and dizzy, I never took it anymore. I then started going to Precision Chiropractic (an Upper Cervical Chiropractor) and the first time I went was a big improvement. I got less headaches and my posture felt great. After a few times, I am migraine free. I haven’t had to take Imitrex, Naproxen or Topamax for 2 months. I recommend this upper cervical chiropractor to everyone.

Chronic Ear Infections – Forest Age 2, Columbus, Ohio

Forest was scheduled to have tubes put in his ears because of his 4th ear infection and 3rd round of antibiotics in just a couple of months. I mentioned this to a friend and she said her son had the same thing, and that her chiropractor had prevented him from having tubes put in his ears. I called Dr. Oliver’s office as soon as we hung up and was in to see him the very next morning (just an hour before he was scheduled to have the surgery.) Within a week, Forest had relief from his ears. I had postponed the surgery that day just in case we needed it. Then, right before the surgery date came up again, I took Forest to see his pediatrician and she said his ears were fine and cancelled the surgery. Not only that, but his vocabulary improved almost immediately and he started walking better.

Constipated Infant with Colic – Columbus, OH

As told by Tajianna – the child's mother

We took our son to see Dr. Oliver because he was not eating well. He would spit up nearly every time he tried to eat. He was fussy and cried most of the time and did not have regular bowel movements. One other concern we had is that he had trouble moving his head to one side and his head was tilted to the right. He was unable to straighten it out. The adjustment was gentle and our son acted as if nothing happened. That night he had three bowel movements and was much more calm. He has been able to hold his head up, eat better, and is much more calm. His demeanor is so much more pleasant and he even tried to smile.

Chronic Low Back Pain, Neck Pain, and Poor Posture – Neall, Columbus, OH

I have suffered with low back pain for nearly 25 years and it just started to get worse. Many of my activities were put on hold as they were caused my low back to be very painful. I had been to other chiropractors but it just didn’t get to the cause of the problem. When I consulted Dr. Oliver and he noticed that my neck was off and it caused my low back and pelvis to be imbalanced. My leg was nearly 1 inch short and causing me major back pain. It was in my mind that I may need surgery but I felt I was too young and did not want to get cut on if there was another option. The best thing about it is that I feel great and the upper cervical procedure went very well for my problems. I like this upper cervical technique. Dr. Oliver is very professional and caring.

Recovery from Vertigo – Linda, Columbus, OH

The vertigo started July 19, 2010 and I would get so dizzy and unstable. It felt like the room was spinning and was worse when getting up from lying down on my back. It really started to get worse September 23rd 2010. We had consulted an ENT specialist and were told I had an inner ear problem as was given head and neck movements/exercises to perform. They didn’t help. When I consulted Dr. Oliver the staff was very friendly and I felt I could trust Dr. Oliver’s knowledge to proceed with gentle “no twisting or popping” neck adjustments. Since, I have been coming here the vertigo has subsided, I am able to continue work and I know I have Dr. Oliver available for adjustments. I feel the Holy Spirit guided me to see Dr. Oliver to see if he could help my vertigo when nothing else helped.

The majority of our patients report having improvements in one or more of the following the areas:

  • decreased pain
  • improved motion
  • less tension
  • more energy
  • better quality of sleep
  • improved focus
  • better coordination
  • and fewer balance problems

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Precision Chiropractic, LLC - 1550 Old Henderson Rd, Suite 160, Columbus, OH 43220